Community Woodford Reserve Barrel-Aged Legion Tapping and Keep-the-Glass

We’re tapping one of the few remaining kegs of Community Beer Company’s Woodford Reserve Barrel-Aged Legion, kegged on January 7, 2016. Buy a pint, keep the glass.

Wednesday, October 26

6:00 PM

Karbach Quintuple IPA Anniversary Tapping and Keep-the-Glass

We’re tapping Karbach’s 5th Anniversary beer: Quintuple IPA. A total of five Karbach beers will be on tap. Buy a pint, keep the Krunkin Pumpkin glass.

Friday, October 28

6:00 PM

Peticolas Wintervention Launch and Keep-the-Growler

Its the 4th Annual Peticolas Brewing Company Wintervention Launch at Craft and Growler. Every year since we opened our doors in 2012, we’ve launched this amazing beer on the first day of North Texas Beer Week. It’s a tradition now.

Guava Tree Food Truck will be here. Buy a 2L fill of any Peticolas beer, and you get to keep the exclusive Peticolas growler for a low combo price. Prices to be announced. At least 7 Peticolas beers will be on tap.

Friday, November 11

6:00 PM

Revolver Yam Dankee Beer Launch, Rare Tappings, and Keep-the-Glass

We’re launching Revolver’s newest beer: Yam Dankee, a sweet potato IPA. Sangre Y Miel, Ouroboros, and Blood and Honey will also be on tap. Buy a pint, keep the Yam Dankee glass.

Tuesday, November 15

6:00 PM

How It Works

Science of The Growler

Oxygen is the mortal enemy of fresh, delicious beer. The moment beer leaves the loving confines of the keg oxidation sets in. The result is flat beer that makes you sad. Our patent pending method of filling growlers keeps beer fresh and happy longer.

Our "beer gun" (cool huh) injects CO2 into the growler before the first drop of beer flows. As the beer rises the CO2 creates a protective barrier that keeps that pesky O2 at bay. Cap it quickly and you have a growler of fine craft beer that should keep fresh at least two weeks without opening. After opening, you've got 24-48 hours.

History Of The Growler

Why It's Called A Growler

In the old days you went to your local pub and filled up a tin bucket to-go. The buckets had lids because no one likes spilled beer. As the beer sloshed the escaping CO2 would make the lids "growl". They called it "rushing the growler" because guys were rushing to get their bubbling buckets of beer home before it got flat. Or that could be completely wrong, because other people say it's called a growler for the way customers "growled" when their barkeep only filled their container half way.

Either way, you won't find tin buckets or shifty barkeeps here. Just all kinds of cool growlers waiting to be filled to the top with fresh, delicious, local and hard to find beers.

Visit Our Store

Our emphasis is local beers from DFW and Texas. You'll also find a few notable brews from farther afield. Generally, we try to carry beers that can't be found in 12 oz cans or bottles, especially draft-only beers.

  • IPA

    Dominated by a strong dose of bittering hops, IPAs are named for the long journey from England to India.

  • Hefeweizen

    Made from wheat, this unfiltered beer hails from Bavaria, Germany.

  • Bock

    A sweet, relatively strong, and lightly hopped lager of German origin.

  • Lager

    Fermented and conditioned at low temperatures, Bocks, Pilsners and Marzens are all styles of Lager.

  • Porter

    A descendent of Brown beer, a well-hopped beer made from brown malt, Porters got their name as a result of their popularity with street and river porters.

  • Stout

    A dark beer made using roasted malt or barley.


About Craft and Growler

in November 2012. Formerly investors in a local brewery, Kevin & Cathrine quit their careers as patent attorneys, and jumped into the beer business by creating a place where you can bring home growlers of local and regional microbrews that are not bottled. Since then, they have expanded their store by carrying the largest selection of growlers in the world, and a huge assortment of beer-related stuff.

Serving the Community

We've hosted numerous fundraisers and donated a percentage of our proceeds to non-profits and community groups. Each week, we host "Non-Profit Tuesday", in which a percentage of our proceeds are donated to a selected non-profit or community group.

We're always looking for a way to help out so if you've got a cause that needs to raise money - GIVE US A GROWL.


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